What Our Gym Offers

Personal Training

Our personal training is built specifically around your goals – one of our certified coaches will get to know you and your needs, build a program and help provide additional guidance, for instance around sleep and stress management, to help you achieve your goals.

Nutrition Coaching

We have an on-staff Registered Dietitian with a background working at University Hospitals and Cleveland Clinic. She will provide you with personalized nutritional guidance, bringing expertise in gastrointestinal issues and natural supplementation and access to professional testing to get a deep scientific understanding of your body, from the inside out. You can read more about Gretchen and her private practice, The Functional Kitchen, here.

CrossFit Group Coaching

Join our CrossFit classes to find a challenging and exhilarating workout focused on a perfect mix of strength and cardiovascular training. An opportunity to join the community, with a mix of individual and partner workouts and an opportunity to push yourself in every class.

Online Personal Coaching

For those ready to truly take control of your health, the Online Personal Coaching program is everything you need to succeed in one program. Added on to group class membership, the program includes nutritional guidance and free registration to monthly seminars on topics like sleep and stress management, mental health and habit building. This program also includes beginning and final assessments on CTOWN’s InBody machine.


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