What Our Gym Offers

Personal Training

Our personal training is built specifically around your goals. Your coach will get to know you and your needs, and create a program specifically for you. Long-standing injuries? Pain? Challenges getting through your day? We assess your needs and find the safest, most efficient way to get you in charge of your body.

Nutrition Coaching

We have an on-staff Registered Dietician available to help you bridge the gap between the kitchen (or the restaurant) and the gym. With a background as an outpatient dietitian specializing in weight management, diabetes, gastrointestinal disorders, and autoimmune disease, she’s ready to provide personalized nutrition guidance. Read more about Gretchen and her private practice, The Functional Kitchen here.

CrossFit Group Coaching

For those looking to be challenged within a group environment, you will see a mix of weightlifting, body-weight and cardio-vascular exercise.

Online Personal Coaching

Online personal coaching is a great fit for those who are in and outside the Cleveland area, travel frequently, have access to home gym equipment, or prefer the quiet of a solo workout. For those who have such constraints and preferences, we take our services to the virtual environment. All the while experiencing the benefits of professional coaching and having freedom to do it on your own time.


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