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No stress. No commitment. Schedule a free call with a professional coach to discover how we can help you reach your goals. Tell us about your vision for health and fitness, your goals and challenges; we’ll assess how we can get where you want to be. Success looks different for everyone and depends on your personal goals. We want to ensure we are in the best position to help you. We start by listening.

At CTown, we are committed to finding the best fit for you.

We have a 3 step process:

First we ASSESS.

Everyone new to CTOWN begins in 1- on- 1 sessions with a professional coach. First, your coach listens to your goals, and conducts a comprehensive movement screen. We gather the information and develop a plan for you. Periodic re-assessment helps to define future goals as we move to ASCEND you.

Next you ASCEND.

As initial goals are accomplished, new goals can be set and achieved through personal training, group classes, online training or nutrition services.

Working together, we REFINE.

We are continuously assessing your progress, regardless of the program you are in. You can transition back and forth between program options as you continue to refine your goals or your needs change. With life changes, come changes to your routine and habits and our process accounts for this.


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