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No stress. No commitment. Schedule a free discovery call with one of our fitness professionals to see if you are a perfect fit for one of the programs we offer. Tell us about your goals, your challenges, and your vision for your fitness & health. Our goal is to understand what success looks like for you. Regardless of where you are and where you want to go, we believe that you have unique individualized and specific goals. So when you get started with us, it’s always individualized to you. You can schedule your initial discovery call here.


At CTOWN, everyone new to the gym begins with 1-on-1 sessions with one of our professional coaches. Your coach will create an individualized program for you that is informed by our comprehensive movement assessment goal setting session. We continuously assess and reassess to determine progress and identify areas of need so you can gain or regain confidence in your body’s ability to do what you want it to. We want you to build a solid foundation so you can be successful.


After you and your coach determine that you have developed the competence and confidence to move on, you have options to keep working toward your goals:

  • 1-on-1 Coaching: This provides you with the most comprehensive and quickest way to reach your individual goals.
  • Individual Program Design: You continue to receive individualized programming from your coach delivered multiple days a week directly to your phone. You can supplement by attending group classes or working out at home or during our open gym time. This is the best (and most cost effective) option for people who love the fun and camaraderie of group classes or prioritize their own schedule and still want to achieve individual goals.
  • Group Class Coaching: A great option for people who are looking to maintain a general level of fitness and are less focused on individual goals. We prioritize functional movement and mechanics, high touch coaching with small group classes, and a progressive approach to skill and strength development.


Because we are continuously assessing your progress, regardless of the program you are in, you have the opportunity to transition back and forth between program options as you continue to refine your goals or your needs change. Attending group class, but twisted your ankle walking the dog and now need surgery? Our ID program can help you stay in the gym but focus on specific programming to work around your foot injury and then programming to help you rebuild strength in the ankle after you complete physical therapy.  Regain strength in your ankle? You can return to group classes confident that you are ready to return without risk of further injury. 


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