About Our Gym

What makes CTOWN Fitness different?

Once you come in you will realize this is not your average gym

At CTOWN, we believe in science. Science that has repeatedly shown the intertwined facets of physical and mental health along with the unique complexities of each body. So, we have brought together scientific experts in exercise physiology, human anatomy and biology, dietetics and mental health to provide you more than just a past time, but the foundation you need to build your personal health journey.

CTOWN is here to be your home – where you feel safe to explore your strength and push yourself, find community while also celebrating what sets you apart, and find the expert coaches that can educate you along the way so you don’t just take direction, you find direction.

And at this home, we welcome everyone with open arms, as we have been for over a decade now.

It’s time to get your health back. Your health coaches are waiting and ready to get you on the road back.

Meet Our Team


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