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    Our Strategy

    PHASE 1

    PURPOSE : Uncover history, needs, goals, movement patterns, ranges of motion & skill level.

    PROCESS : Joint-by- Joint movement screen, custom competency and tolerance tests & interviews.

    PAYOFF : Clarity on where you are and where you want to go.

    DURATION : 1-3 weeks, revisited as needed.

    PHASE 2

    PURPOSE : Exhibit Confidence, competence & autonomy in base movements and begin corrective work.

    PROCESS : Custom 1-on-1 in person training and/or group classes.

    PAYOFF : Developed confidence and competence, an understanding around application of intensity & how to communicate with your coach.

    DURATION : 6-20 weeks

    PHASE 3

    PURPOSE : Express autonomy with base movements and enhance a foundation of a more resilient mind and body.

    PROCESS : Proper dosing of custom programming, group classes, periodic coach check-ins and re-evaluations.

    PAYOFF : Gained autonomy in base movements, elevated your skills and are working on mastering the application of intensity.

    DURATION : 26-52 weeks

    PHASE 4

    PURPOSE : Apply learned skills to live a pain-free and active life.

    PROCESS : Continuation of previous with added guidance from your coach to safely pursue and progress activities outside of the gym.

    PAYOFF : Experience your active life safely and confidently.

    DURATION : Ongoing

    Group Coaching

    Personal Training

    Online Personal Coaching

    Nutrition Coaching

    What do people say about us?

    • CTOWN has been the light and the end of my tunnel, The Sunshine at the end of my storm, it is my happy place. I found it when I was in a dark space in my life and I’ve never looked back. I fell in love with the community because everyone was sooo amazing and inviting and made me feel so welcomed… The coaches are amazing and attentive and patient with everyone, and that’s a game changer. I went from a 3 days a week membership to a unlimited membership and love this place sooo much that they’ve inspired me to also become a coach because I want to make others feel how CTOWN makes me feel, so I got my coaches credentials and been a coach here now since the Summer. I invite whoever has been thinking about trying CrossFit to come check out a class and see what you think. I bet you will also fall I love.

      Dani Reyes
    • Great culture! Friendly people, healthy fun competition that is judgment free. You feel 100% supported and guided in your fitness journey and welcomed, whether you are a beginner or an experienced athlete.

      Melissa Michalovic
    • CTOWN has impacted my life by improving my health, both physically and mentally. Though I’m a super introvert, I truly enjoy going to the gym and working out with this amazing group of individuals!

      Alicia Cali
    • It has helped me get in shape and build my confidence back.

      Chrissy Andrukat



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