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You CAN do The Open…just ask Joey


You CAN do The Open…just ask Joey


This is a little story for all you CTOWNers who may not have signed up for the Open because you are fairly new to Crossfit. Around this time last year I was approached about participating in the Open. I had been a member at Ctown for about two month and responded that “I didn’t feel comfortable, being so new and all” I didn’t have dubs, I couldn’t do chest to bar pull ups and was still getting used to kipping. I struggled on HSPUs and certainly couldn’t do a muscle up. I had never even snatched before. With a little more prodding from the staff I decided to do it. It was scary and nerve racking initially.

13.1 involved a burpee/snatch ladder. The first round involved burpees followed by 75lb snatches. “Easy.” I made it through pretty quickly. Second round went up to 135. It felt like lifting a car. I failed on my first try. I had no form. I failed again. And again. And again. Jacque, my lovely scorer was pushing me to keep trying. Soon other people around started cheered me on, shouting out tips. I have no idea how(it was very hazy at a point) but I pulled hard, got under and got the bar over my head! It was absolute insanity. Intense. Then I did it again! I had no business putting up that weight. It was invigorating.

As the rest of the weeks came it was much less nerve racking and simply seemed like another class. I made it through 13.1 and eventually, the rest of the Open. As we find in Crossfit some tasks fit our individual skill sets better than others. Some of the open workouts seemed fairly easy(by comparison) and others were pretty humbling/almost impossible. I am so thankful to those who pushed me to participate though. A year has passed and I feel stronger, more confident with my form and ready to see how much I have improved from the movements the year before.

So for you “fairly new” Crossfitters, this is an opportunity to set yourself a real benchmark. And furthermore to do it with your CTOWN family. I hope if you haven’t decided to participate already, you give it a shot. We have a good number of people signed up, but hopefully we can get a few more in before we throw down this weekend.

I am so insanely excited for this year. ‪#‎CTOWNSTRONG‬