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Instead of having to go through multiple services for fitness, nutrition and accountability, we thrive on providing them all under one roof, making it easier and more convenient for you to achieve success.


Our premier 9,200 square foot, multi-studio training facility is conveniently located in The Flats, while our 5700 square foot West Side location is located in the heart of Fairview Park. Both facilities are headed by full-time coaches and feature top-of-the-line fitness equipment to ensure you succeed in crushing your goals.


Our coaches are full-time professionals that ensure you achieve greater health and happiness while at CTOWN. Our coaches pride themselves on being able to help everyone improve in the areas of lifestyle & nutrition habits, strength-training, conditioning, improving mobility and getting out of physical pain. Our coaches are 100% committed to CTOWN and to seeing you succeed. Be sure to read our online reviews on Google and Facebook!


AARON - Chief Happiness officer

Aaron comes from a diverse exercise practice and coaching background. Sometime in high school, he says he developed a deep passion for sports performance and training which lead to him graduating Bowling Green State University with a degree in exercise science and an undying passion for coaching and studying personal wellness. Since then he has coached people of all ages, including high school and college athletes, adults and elders looking to become healthier and more functional, as well as physically and mentally disabled individuals. From personal training to speed coaching and sports performance coaching, Aaron has studied and practiced all forms of one-on-one and group coaching.

But it wasn’t long after his first internship that he realized the values, teachings and practice of CrossFit most aligned to how he believed someone should train to become their best, healthiest self. In his 5th year of being a certified CrossFit coach, Aaron could not be more excited to be part of the CTOWN staff, a fitness community that embodies the soul of his fitness practice – with attention to each and every individual as an individual, understanding that what is experienced here could change—and in some cases save—each life that is touched.


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Coach Mitch utilizes fitness & health as his gateway to help people realize their most longed-for dreams and to help them grow into their fullest potential.  In 2014, Mitch acquired his degree in Exercise Science degree from Baldwin Wallace University and immediately became a full-time coach. Over the past 5+ years, Mitch has worked with 100’s of people on an individual level, bringing them a personalized approach to achieving their goals. This experience along with his ongoing education has helped him to better understand how to get people the results they are looking for!

Mitch prides himself on not being married to one methodology or training philosophy, but rather constantly learning what works in different situations and being able to apply it when the time is right.  Having past experience as a Sports Performance coach, a natural love for Gymnastics, and a deep hunger to continue learning best Strength Training practices, Mitch is constantly refining his craft to bring you the most powerful coaching experience that he possibly can!


  • B.S. Exercise Science


Zac started his CrossFit journey in 2012, after losing 50 pounds and healing himself of L4 and L5 disk herniations. Although not having an athletic background, Zac grew up in South Florida and spent a lot of time outside surfing, biking, skateboarding and running around like crazy. He was always an active kid and teenager until he wanted to become a rockstar! Then, life became a whirlwind of playing in bands and partying. After a big chunk of years of that, Zac found himself in a career-job making money and making fat gainz, so he decided to do something about it. He developed a new mindset on life and wanted to become healthy and fit. After his transformation he then decided to quit his 20-year career job and become a fitness professional. Zacs experience comes from his own transformation and helping others become better versions of themselves. He has been coaching group fitness classes, doing one on one personal training, and individual program design since 2013. He owned his own CrossFit gym from 2015 through 2018 before deciding to make a life change and move to Cleveland. "I absolutely love what I do, the community and human connection are so important to me. You will always find me at the gym coaching, training or just hanging out and talking about life. Change isn’t easy but it can be so rewarding, I like to say “You don’t have to be great to start but you have to start to be great.”




Larry Crooks is the Co-Founder, Business Manager and Coach here at CrossFit CTOWN. He specializes in creating a community that inspires others to make a positive change in their lives. “My goal as a coach and the Business Manager is to provide you with a fun, safe, effective, and supportive environment for you to pursue and conquer your fitness goals.”

Coach Larry’s start in the CrossFit world came by way of a shoulder surgery back in 2010. “My intentions were to incorporate 3 weekly workouts into my routine and do “cardio” 2-3 days a week. I acknowledge I was a fitness idiot before I found CrossFit. The moment I suffered through my first WOD, I knew this was the right path to fitness, health, and wellness. I quickly became a 6 day a week CrossFitter and decided to get my Level 1 Certification. Needless to say, I am now 100% addicted to CrossFit and the results I derive from it and I am passionate about sharing my experience to help others.”

Coach Larry jokes that transitioning from chubby kid to competitive athlete only took him 40 years to figure out, but that he’s living proof that consistent participation in CrossFit combined with a healthy diet can positively impact the mind, body and spirit. “Fundamentally, I believe that fate puts certain opportunities in front of us, but that it is up to us to take some action or initiative to realize those opportunities.”

When Coach Larry isn’t in the box, you can find him at the end of a dog leash or two, behind the lens of a camera hoping to capture some cute dogs or inspirational athletes, or boarding a flight to his next adventure.


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