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What’s Your Game Plan


What’s Your Game Plan

Coach RE talks about nutritional supplements.

People get all crazy on the “should I, or should I not supplement”. If you are serious about getting the most out of your training, the answer is yes you should supplement. You are putting your body through the wringer day in and day out and you need to be working diligently on smart recovery and overall health. Recover is an active process. My main supplements are: whey protein, creatine, BCAAs, a multivitamin, and fish oil.

Protein is necessary for me for one main reason: I do not get enough protein throughout the day. I struggle to meet all my macronutrients goals with food alone and I know I need to supplement. It’s quick, cheap, and effective.
On mornings when I cannot eat eggs, I use: one scoop of GAMEPLAN Chocolate Whey, one banana, two tablespoons of almond butter, and milk or water. It is honestly such a delicious treat!

I also take protein post workout as I have depleted my levels and need supplements as I go straight into coaching for the next 2-3 hours and have no time to eat a half of a chicken. It’s best to get a dose of protein within 30 minutes of your workout for effective muscle development fuel.
Creatine has become a staple in my life for my physique and strength gains. It is a naturally occurring agent in food, but it’s impossible to eat an entire salmon everyday. I use 5g per day which for most people that should suffice. I used to just take just creatine monohydrate, but I have found new love for GAMEPLAN RECOVERY, which has both creatine and BCAAs in one formula.

Two scoops of Fruit Punch and a scoop of GAMEPLAN Vanilla Whey and life is good post workout! Branch chain amino acids (BCAAs) are muscle building amino acids, BCAAs (especially leucine) are prime regulators of how food can increase muscle-protein synthesis. Again being protein deficient, these are a staple in my supplements. I find myself less sore, I recover more quickly after heavy lifting days when I take my BCAAs regularly.

If you are not taking fish oil, you are missing out. Honestly, I thought fish oil was snake oil when I first used it. Nasty fish burps, bad breath and no perceived change. I was done, fools gold and threw away my crappy GNC mega fish oil in the garbage. Then I read the Omega Zone by Barry Sears and I learned the differences in fish oils and how to get the proper dosing, quality and balance. You need a good source of fish oil that is high in omega 3 fatty acids, the only real thing that you want to look for in your fish oil is “EPA/DHA”.

Most high level fish oils at GNC, Vitamin Shoppe, or elsewhere are lacking in their EPA and DHA. You will find a 1000mg pill with only 350mg of EPA/DHA combined and the rest is filler. Throw it away! Once I found SFH Fish Oil, I could tell the difference, joints were less sore, my attentiveness went up (it is brain food), and my inflammation was decreasing significantly.
Stronger, Faster, Healthier jam packs 2,071mg of EPA and 1,173mg of DHA into a teaspoon. Just imagine how many of the GNC pills I would have had to take to get that much omega 3 in my system! The best way to find out if your fish oil is worth its salt is to freeze it, that which is frozen is crap, EPA and DHA do not freeze.

I stay regular with my supplementation. I respect my body and I don’t take things I don’t believe are actually helping me. I have researched every supplement that I take and the companies that offer them. This is why I only utilize I GAMEPLAN and Stronger Faster Healthier.

I am not a fan of pre-workout supplement, while others love them.

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You can purchase SFH Recovery or PURE protein at the gym as well as SFH Fish Oil.

If you have any questions feel free to email me at [email protected]