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What are you eating this week?


What are you eating this week?

It’s Sunday night. What are you thinking about right now? What a great weekend you had? Awesome! Now it’s time to look ahead to the week before you. How are you going to train this week?

Ooops! Wait! Why bother training if you haven’t thought about how to fuel your body first? Yes, it is important to reserve your WOD times, but you should also be looking at your schedule and planning your meals? Unpreparedness leads to excuses, leads to sloppy eating habits. I just got done preparing the main dish for my next 2-3 meals. I cooked ground turkey and divided it into 4 ounce portions, then did the same with ground lamb. Also, cooked an entire package of bacon and put it in the fridge in tupperware for fast grab-n-go fuel or a quick side dish to a meal. Got a bag of dark greens and some belgian endive waiting for small side salads and some tuna to mix in for lunches! We see you at the box between 3 and 6 hours a week, which leaves a whole lotta hours for you to alienate the results of your efforts during that time. If you want to exceed your goals, plan your WOD times while you are planning your next 3 meals!

See you at CTOWN!