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W0D2 Strong


W0D2 Strong

Cleveland – CrossFit DTF

1. 2-min AMRAP of Double-unders
– Post total sets and reps.
– Rest 2-min

2. 2-min AMRAP of Kipping Pull-ups (no butterfly)
– Post total sets and reps.
-Rest 2-min

3. 2-min AMRAP of Push-ups
– Post total sets and reps.

4. With a 18-min running clock:
a. 8-min to establish 1RM Power Clean
– Post 1RM
– 2-min Rest
b. 8-min AMRAP of Power Clean 85% of today’s 1RM
– Post reps.

Double-Unders (2-min AMRAP)

Pull-ups (2-min AMRAP)

Push-ups (2-min AMRAP)

Power Clean (8-min to establish 1RM)

Power Clean (8-min AMRAP at 85%)