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Strength Fitness Movement


Strength Fitness Movement

CTOWN CrossFit-Downtown – CrossFit DTF

Power Snatch + OHS (4 x 3+3)

Front Squat (4 x 4)

10 min Kettlebell One-arm Clean & Jerk Long Cycle (AMRAP – Reps)

Do 5 C&J on right arm, then switch and perform 5 on your left arm. Choose weight which is challenging. Goal is 100 total reps without setting bell on the ground for entire 10 minutes.
– Every time you set bell on ground, immediately perform 5 Burpees.

– If you complete 120 reps, you choose weight which is too light. If you only perform 50-60 reps, your weight was too heavy. 80-90 reps and you’ve found the right working weight to use — next time!