The fastest way to reach your personal goals is to have a plan developed with your personal coach. At any level, this is the best option for those that are serious and committed to their goals. At CTOWN, we always adapt your personal program to you changing needs. Personalized training often consists of some private coaching plus group offerings to maximize results and value at the same time!


  • Comprehensive assessment
  • Goal setting support
  • Ongoing nutrition and lifestyle optimization support
  • Minimum of 1-6 custom designed workouts per week based on goals and ability
  • May also include some CTOWN group training sessions when appropriate
  • Weekly review and feedback from coach based on logged training, sleep and nutrition results
  • 2 training video reviews and feedback per week
  • Quarterly 1-on-1 reassessment and planning session
  • Training can be done at CTOWN or remotely


  • Muscle Gain / Fat Loss – Improve body composition through nutrition and lifestyle management.
  • General Physical Preparedness – Focus on living a longer, healthier, more fulfilling life.
  • Competition Prep – Taking GPP to the next level; focus on competition performance.
  • Strength – Increase absolute strength in all squatting, pressing and pulling movements.
  • Endurance – Prep for a marathon/triathlon or just improve general cardio respiratory endurance.
  • Olympic Weightlifting – Improve explosive power and technique in snatch, clean & jerk and derivative movements.
  • Gymnastics – Improve body weight control and strength, anything from first pull-up to more advanced skills.
  • Mobility – Improve the range of motion of all major joints; move well before moving fast or heavy.

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