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Member Referral Rewards – Earn $100 for every referral


Member Referral Rewards – Earn $100 for every referral

We are excited to announce our CTOWN Rewards program.  We hope the results and fun you get out of CTOWN are contagious amongst your friends, family and co-workers!  To express our appreciation for you spreading the CTOWN love, we want thank you for your support.  The more we grow CTOWN together the more fun and beneficial it is for all of us.  More members means more class times and program offerings, more gym equipment, and more social and networking opportunities.

For each member you refer to CTOWN, you will earn a $100 discount toward your CTOWN membership dues.

Earning your referral rewards is super easy.  Follow these 3 steps with your friends, family and co-workers.

 1. Ask your friends and family to go HERE.   They should fill out the form and put your name in the REFERRED BY section of the form.  In the message box they should simply state their interest in trying our Saturday Free class, dropping in to Boot Camp or starting a regular membership.

2. When we get the form, we assign YOU to that prospective member as the “referror” in ZenPlanner.

3. Your friend can attend a free trial or drop-in to a Boot Camp.  When your friend purchases 12 Weeks (or more), you will be credited $100 on your next scheduled dues payment.

You can read all the fine print below:

  • Please note that this offer is only valid if your referral is new to our database at the time of inquiry AND if they list you on their INITIAL inquiry form PRIOR TO signing up for any trial, class or membership.  You CANNOT claim a referral if the above steps are not followed in order or if the person is already in our database.

  • You must be an active member at CTOWN and your account must be paid current at the time of the referral inquiry to qualify for this offer.  If you cancel your membership prior to your credit being used you forfeit the reward.  There is no cash value to referral rewards.  Your reward credit cannot exceed your balance due on your next dues payment.

  • You can refer more than one member at a time.  After your first referral reward, subsequent rewards will be applied to future dues payments with a limit of $100 credit per month.  So if you refer 3 members, you get $300 credit spread out over your next 3 regularly scheduled dues payments.

  • Referral Rewards are only available on 12 week and 28 week membership packages.