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Grindhouse Horror


Grindhouse Horror

CTOWN CrossFit-Downtown – CrossFit DTF

Metcon (No Measure)

With a 40 minute running clock, perform 6-10 rounds NOT for time of:

10 BB OH Lunge Steps (choose challenging but doable weight for 10 UB reps, empty barbell or bumper plate for scale, L+R = 2)

30 meters Prowler Push High (using BW, assuming Prowler weight is 50#)

30 meters Prowler Push Low (using BW, assuming Prowler weight is 50#)

5 1-arm KB Floor Presses 55/35 (perform one arm, then reps for other arm)

30 AKBS 55/35

10 Tarzan Pull-ups

Sprint 100 meters

– This is NOT for time. Spend your 40 minutes grinding through each work effort — not for time, but for maximum effort. In other words, push yourself hard. Rest as needed. Work with a partner or individually and GRIND.