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CTOWN is Hiring!


CTOWN is Hiring!


CTOWN is growing and looking to hire a talented, motivated and energetic individual that is interested in being a professional coach and help us attain our mission of getting people fit and keeping them fit for life.  Qualified candidates possess the ability to educate, entertain and inspire a diverse client base in one-on-one training as well as large class format.  We have opportunities at our Downtown and West side locations.

Primary Job Responsibilities (what to expect but not limited to)

  • Lead up to 7-12 Group Classes/week
  • Perform up to 12 Personal Training session week with our new member Fundamentals Process
  • Several hours per week on Professional Development and Client Management
  • Consulting with prospective clients
  • General Gym Tidiness
  • Live and Abide by the CTOWN Coach’s Oath
    • Always over-deliver
    • Loyalty & honesty
    • Be more than just a trainer to our clients
    • Provide a positive & motivating training atmosphere

Job Pre-Requisites (gotta have these)

  • Full support of our mission and guiding principles:
  • Mission
    • To enrich our community of athlete’s lives with superior coaching, results-driven programs, and insight to unlocking individual human potential.


  • Guiding Principles


  • People


    • Lead from the front.
    • Value each other.
    • Be and have fun.
    • Act with integrity.


  • Performance


    • Pursue excellence.
    • Move with efficacy.
    • Seek virtuosity.
  • Entrepreneurial spirit, takes initiative, self motivated
  • Puts others needs above his/her own
  • Sense of humor
  • Healthy self-esteem
  • Loyal and honest
  • Approaches fitness as a lifelong student
  • Easy to talk to, natural communication skills
  • Can handle both “success” and “failure” constructively
  • CPR/AED Certified
  • CrossFit level 1 Certified
  • Social Media savvy
  • Minimum 2 years experience coaching
  • Coaching proficiency in the highly technical areas of Olympic lifting, mobility and gymnastics
  • Ability to handle clients 1-on-1 and in large group class settings
  • 20-25 hour time commitment per week (evening coach = 4pm – 8pm-ish or morning coach 530am – 930am-ish)
  • Looking for a serious lifelong career in the CrossFit /Fitness industry

If you are interested in being a full time CrossFit Trainer and earning a professional wage without the hassle, commitment, up front investment of owning an affiliate this is for you…

Please direct resume and inquiries to: [email protected]