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No matter your fitness goals; whether to be a competitive CrossFitter, a sub 3 hour Marathon, or just to be able to keep up with the kids, it is a binary equation. Yes or No

What am I talking about?

I am talking about the consistency of your actions. They are binary when it comes to your fitness. Your actions and habits either help or hinder your fitness, aka your Health. Your sessions in and out of the gym, your sleep, mobility practices, and your diet choices are either facilitating your fitness goals, or they are hindering them. There is no black and white with this.

Trust me, I full heartedly believe that the world is full of shades of grey. And there are plenty of nuances to almost everything we encounter, just not when it comes to YOUR health. What does create nuance is how our choices fit into the big picture of our goals, both long and short term.

The two fingers of bourbon, neat please, that I sip while conversing with my wife after a long week of hardly seeing each other is a way that allows us to spend time together, reinforcing those bonds that make us husband and wife. Do I need the alcohol, no. Does the bourbon in itself make a great choice for health and longevity? No. But it does create a ritual that tells us it’s time unwind and re-connect. So a therapeutic dose of bourbon becomes a Yes in the “does it help” question. If I have this same drink nightly it becomes a “No” on that same scale. Not only should I not be drinking bourbon on a nightly basis because of the physical effects, but it erodes the social and emotional connection of the weekly ritual. Now the weekly bourbon tasting becomes something else completely.

The consistency of your choices is the only nuance to whether your actions Help or Hinder. How often do you do the thing that you are doing.

If you come into the gym at 0530, 5x a week after a listless 4-5 hours of sleep, throw down hard, laying on your back staring at the ceiling gasping for breath type workout, then head off to sit in meetings and behind a desk for the next 10-12 hours week after week, you are headed towards adrenal fatigue, mobility issues, and cortisol levels that will leave you smoked within a few months. Not good for any fitness goals I can think of…….you?

In other words if your fitness choices are leaving you beat up and constantly triaging minor aches and pains it may be time to reevaluate how you approach your training.

If you come to the gym diligently 3x a week after work and spend your 60 minutes following instruction and doing the work and are stalled in any progress it’s time to start looking at choices made throughout the week. How consistent are your habits outside the gym, how well do they support your goals? Are you spending 10 minutes a day working on mobility? Just like brushing your teeth, if you don’t do it, it will show. Did you choose water or a Vanilla Frappacino? A beverage that will quench thirst or one that has numerous chemical additives? Is it Netflix for 2 hours, or a 1 hour walk followed by 1 hour of Netflix with foam rolling and mobility? Totally veg out on an off day, or get your body moving through some low stress activity and recovery?

The key to understand is that everything you do is a choice. You get to decide if you’re going to have your 5th “treat” of the day or not. Should you take an active rest day, or get up early to go to the gym? Should you practice your double under or work on the monthly challenge? The best way to make these decisions is to ask yourself if it’s YES or NO on you getting closer to your goals.

Does your choice of [insert anything] support or hinder, it’s that black and white?